Compensation Solutions

Equity Plan Design through Compass

ISS Corporate Solutions provides corporate executives and executive compensation consultants with equity plan design tools based on ISS' U.S. equity plan scorecard methodology. Our services provide an objective basis for your executive compensation plans or other equity activities that help you meet shareholder expectations in equity stewardship.

As public and shareholder scrutiny of executive pay has grown, issuers need data, analysis and modeling tools to support their equity-based compensation plan design. Our services include: 

  • Compass

  • Compensation Advisory


Executive compensation has become a major governance concern for investors worldwide. At the same time, equity-based compensation continues to be the preferred way to attract and retain executive talent. The Compass tool helps corporate secretaries and compensation professionals who design executive and director pay plans balance company and shareholder needs.

Compass makes it easy to:

  • Analyze your equity plan proposal using the same three lenses that ISS will use for evaluation, including plan features, plan cost, and grant practices
  • Determine the cost of your plan and show whether plan costs are in line with shareholder expectations
  • Test various grant combinations to arrive at a plan or plan amendment that meets multiple needs
  • Conduct “what if?” modeling with various overhang combinations
  • Benchmark plan cost to industry pay levels, company size and performance

Compensation Advisory 

Expert advisors are available to walk U.S. and Canadian corporate professionals through the design and filing of equity pay plans. Advisors model your company's most feasible compensation scenarios for you or provide you with the simple, web-based interface you need to model and adjust plan features as you prepare your proxy, test grant combinations, and benchmark plan costs to ensure plans meet shareholder expectations and are in line with peers.  

There are currently several levels of Advisory service available, depending upon your strategic compensation objectives, where you are in the process and how much assistance you prefer.




Your ICS account executive can help you determine the solution that is best for your company's unique needs. Contact for more information.