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Analyze Institutional Voting Behavior

How have your investors responded to other company’s proposals and how do you use your shareholder engagement time most effectively?

Leverage Voting Insight, our unrivaled solution that combines voting records, ownership data, proposal features, and a unique proprietary model to produce the most refined view of potential voting activity.

Use our tools to identify similar proposals to yours using ISS’ proprietary list of prioritized factors that institutional investors and proxy advisors consider when evaluating proposals. In addition, see how investors reacted to those similar proposals to provide insight on how they may vote on your proposals.

Our comprehensive voting database and model provide an innovative vantage point on engagement and proposal design and are used to:


    stronger proposals by analyzing similar proposal characteristics


    your shareholder engagement strategy by analyzing likely shareholder support


    proposal frequency and success rates before you issue your proxy

For Analytics that makes sense.

Gain insight into institutional investors’ “hot button” issues or proposal outcomes by assessing prior voting patterns.

Create targeted institutional investor outreach by focusing on those shareholders amenable to certain proposals.

Design stronger ballot resolutions by identifying similar proposals, analyzing their features, and understanding their resulting shareholder support.

This solution is part of Governance Premium.

Governance Premium provides corporate issuers with integrated access to ICS core governance tools, resulting in a single online platform to support your corporate governance needs. For anyone responsible for communicating corporate data, analysis, peer benchmarking and proxy voting analytics to corporate executives, board members, and shareholders, Governance Premium gives you access to the most extensive collection of data and governance information available.

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