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Assess Proposal Success Rates

Understanding shareholder voting behavior is especially important in the height of proxy season.  Those results can shape the proposals companies put on the ballot and in some cases influence negotiated agreements company representatives might achieve with shareholder resolution proponents.

For instance, in 2015, most companies were closely monitoring proxy access proposals – would shareholders support them, and in cases where there were competing management and shareholder proposals, which would win?  Many companies adjusted their proxy access strategy based on a monitoring of early voting trends.

Analyze & maximize the acceptability of your proposals.

Our Voting Analytics database, which contains up-to-date proxy proposal voting results from companies around the world, gives you in-the-moment access to proposal frequencies and success rates before you issue your proxy.

Our exclusive Voting Insight analytical tool helps you understand rates of support by proposal type, industry, or index and quickly find comparable proposals for further research. Use Voting Insight to obtain an innovative vantage point on engagement and proposal design.

This solution is part of Governance Premium.

Governance Premium provides corporate issuers with integrated access to ICS core governance tools, resulting in a single online platform to support your corporate governance needs. For anyone responsible for communicating corporate data, analysis, peer benchmarking and proxy voting analytics to corporate executives, board members, and shareholders, Governance Premium gives you access to the most extensive collection of data and governance information available.

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