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Benchmark Executive Pay & Pay Mix

The executive compensation landscape continues to become more complex and the competition for executive talent intensifies each year. ICS understands companies’ need to have relevant and trustworthy data as well as cutting edge tools to help make sense of it all.

ICS’ ExecComp Analytics provides a comprehensive solution for executive and non-employee director pay and pay mix benchmarking.  Use our online tool to benchmark pay relative to a self-selected peer group, ISS’ most recent peer group, or a relevant index or industry.

Data & context for competent decision-making.

Our database includes multiple pay definitions including “As Disclosed,” “Total Direct Compensation,” and five different realizable pay definitions. You will be able to leverage our board ready reports that provide easy-to-interpret graphs, charts, and key takeaways. Our database includes over 4,000 companies in the U.S. as well as companies in Canada, the U.K., and Australia.

Moreover, ICS advisors help put the data into context. acting as an extension of internal teams, and can point out risks and opportunities while helping clients make critical decisions. Our advisory services are provided as part of an annual subscription, helping you to reduce your spend with project-based consultants.


Beyond the Hype: Putting the SEC’s Pay Ratio Rule in Context

Understand the SEC’s Pay Ratio Rule and what this means for your company

This solution is part of ExecComp Premium.

ICS’ ExecComp Premium is a single-stop shop for everything you need to streamline your annual executive compensation lifecycle, from strategy setting to implementation and shareholder feedback. With our expert advisory, unparalleled data, and the unique lens provided by our analytical tools, we support clients throughout the year by providing a broad perspective balanced with relevant peer and industry insight. Clients around the world manage their programs using ECP, the most comprehensive executive compensation and equity plan benchmarking service available. Learn how you can too.

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