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Build, Analyze, & Monitor Peer Groups

Peer group refinement can be a labor-intensive exercise that companies undertake on an annual basis. Having the right data and access to other companies’ peer groups facilitates this process by cutting down on the time spent researching proxy statements and disclosures.

Utilize our robust data and analytics to optimize peer group selection used for compensation benchmarking. You can access peer network relationships including which companies selected you as a peer and most popular “peers of peers.”

Get your bearings straight.

Use ICS’ robust analytics to identify “on deck” peers for potential future inclusion in the benchmarking group.

Our tools enable you to perform “what-if” analyses of compensation positioning relative to potential future peer groups and to track relative TSR and other financial metrics compared to your benchmarking peer group or other peer groups.

This solution is part of ExecComp Platinum.

ICS’ ExecComp Platinum is a single-stop shop for everything you need to streamline your annual executive compensation lifecycle, from strategy setting to implementation and shareholder feedback. With our expert advisory, unparalleled data, and the unique lens provided by our analytical tools, we support clients throughout the year by providing a broad perspective balanced with relevant peer and industry insight. Clients around the world manage their programs using ECP, the most comprehensive executive compensation and equity plan benchmarking service available. Learn how you can too.

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