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Design Equity Plan Proposals

Getting an equity plan approved is an important task for companies small and large. Understanding how proxy advisors and institutional investors evaluate equity plans is an essential component of structuring a proposal that shareholders will support, particularly as goal posts move to address shifting annual benchmarks.

ICS advisors can provide you with holistic, full-service design support of your equity plan proposal.  This includes a quantitative plan evaluation using the ISS Equity Plan Scorecard methodology, with modeling to ensure that your share request falls within institutional investor expectations.

Boost the impact & acceptability of your proposals.

Your advisor will analyze the impact of alternative share requests and plan features to arrive at a design that meets the needs of both your company and your investors.

Our advisors will also perform a Qualitative Plan Review, which includes an assessment of your equity pay plan design and disclosures to identify gaps in equity plan governance and to compare with best practice disclosure standards. ICS will recommend equity plan language and governance enhancements to improve shareholder support.

Subscribers can also leverage our extensive database to benchmark burn rates, dilution, and concentration ratios relative to your compensation peer group, ISS-defined peers, a custom peer group, as well as by industry and index.


Setting the Bar

This primer provides the basics surrounding ISS Research’s Equity Plan Scorecard methodology.

This solution is part of ExecComp Premium.

ICS’ ExecComp Premium is a single-stop shop for everything you need to streamline your annual executive compensation lifecycle, from strategy setting to implementation and shareholder feedback.  With our expert advisory, unparalleled data, and the unique lens provided by our analytical tools, we support clients throughout the year by providing a broad perspective balanced with relevant peer and industry insight.  Clients around the world manage their programs using ECP, the most comprehensive executive compensation and equity plan benchmarking service available.  Learn how you can too.

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