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Develop Shareholder Engagement

According to the latest ISS/IRRCi Shareholder Engagement Study, while 83 percent of companies report that their shareholder engagement efforts are having some success, only about half of companies say their engagement activities are becoming more successful and constructive. How do you make sure you’re not one of the other half?

ICS’ data, analytics, and advisory services can help companies prioritize their outreach and maximize the effectiveness of outreach campaigns.

Redefine engagement.

Our expert advisors help companies understand what investors are looking for when engaging with portfolio companies. The answers might surprise you – it’s not just about establishing a dialogue, which is the number one definition for companies; investors are looking for more. ICS advisors ensure clients are equipped with the right data and analytics to support their engagement.

Corporations globally rely on Voting Analytics, ISS Research Reports, Shareholder Proposal data, and ICS’ mutual fund proxy voting database to identify issues that may be contentious to investors, and to identify shareholders with whom engagement may be particularly effective.

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Shareholder Engagement: What Not to Do

Make sure you are prepared for your upcoming shareholder engagements. This report lists the top 8 things to avoid during shareholder interactions.

This solution is part of ExecComp Premium.

ICS’ ExecComp Premium is a single-stop shop for everything you need to streamline your annual executive compensation lifecycle, from strategy setting to implementation and shareholder feedback. With our expert advisory, unparalleled data, and the unique lens provided by our analytical tools, we support clients throughout the year by providing a broad perspective balanced with relevant peer and industry insight. Clients around the world manage their programs using ECP, the most comprehensive executive compensation and equity plan benchmarking service available. Learn how you can too.

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