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ESG Unlocked is a series of engaging and insightful discussions with various Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) experts around the world, designed to deliver concise and valuable insights on topics to educate all stakeholders as companies face a growing demand to integrate ESG into their core business practices.

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Pamela Mutumwa

VP, Product Management

ISS Corporate Solutions


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In this episode of ESG Unlocked, Pamela speaks with Kosmas Papadopoulos, Head of Sustainability Advisory, and Jude Graham, Sustainability Advisor, at ISS Corporate Solutions about how corporate sustainability is evolving, and the key drivers of the ESG landscape today. The conversation covers the difference between ESG and sustainability, watershed moments in the ESG space, the concept of single versus double materiality, shareholder primacy, and more.

In this episode of ESG Unlocked, Pamela speaks with corporate governance and executive compensation advisor Salina Tulachan about the relationship that boards have with their investors. The conversation explores what shareholder engagement is, the differences between traditional and progressive shareholder engagement, and best practices of an effective shareholder engagement program.

In this episode of ESG Unlocked, Pamela speaks with sustainability experts Marie-Bénédicte Beaudoin and Damaso Zagaglia to understand what net zero is, the significance of reaching net zero by 2050, and how companies and other stakeholders can play a role in the global effort to achieve net zero by 2050.

In this episode of ESG Unlocked, Pamela speaks with Kimberly Manibusan, the Head of Cyber Strategy at ISS Corporate Solutions, about current cybersecurity trends, how cybersecurity risk is financially material for companies, and what companies should consider in implementing an effective ESG program.

ESG Unlocked is a series of engaging and insightful discussions with various ESG experts around the world hosted by Pamela Mutumwa.

About Pamela Mutumwa
Pamela, who joined ICS in September of 2021 as Vice President of Product Management, is passionate about ESG, expanding financial literacy, empowering marginalized groups, and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). Prior to joining ICS, Pamela worked for seven years in Project Management for a global asset manager, Invesco. While there, Pamela was a founder and co-host of Invesco’s global investment market podcast, while her DE&I efforts included leadership roles in several business resource groups including the Women’s Network and as a co-founder and governance board member of the Black Professionals Network.
Pamela holds a BA in Human Resources and Society, with a concentration in Economics, from Michigan State University. Pamela has attained several technology certifications; she is also an FSA Credential Holder and earned a professional certificate in Diversity & Inclusion from Cornell University.
Outside of work, Pamela stays active through a variety of pursuits, including indoor cycling, running, boxing, squash, tennis, and field hockey.
Pamela is the host of ISS Corporate Solutions’ (ICS) ESG Unlocked podcast series.

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