ISS Corporate Solutions Announces Launch of Peer Architect

New Offering Will Enable Companies to Streamline and Simplify Creation of Compensation and Performance Peer Groups

ROCKVILLE, Md. (August 17, 2017)  – ISS Corporate Solutions, Inc. (ICS), a leading provider of compensation and governance tools and advisory services to help companies improve shareholder value and reduce risk, today announced the launch of Peer Architect, a cutting-edge solution that provides an analytical approach to designing and optimizing peer groups.

At its core, Peer Architect allows companies to make sense of an increasingly interconnected and global peer network using robust data and interactive visuals to determine which companies are using a particular company as a peer and to examine “peers of peers,” among other capabilities. With the ability to quickly analyze peer connections across a broad universe of companies, corporate users can focus their time on analysis and decision-making instead of data collection, while also customizing peer scoring models using a multitude of criteria to identify and rank potential peers. Moreover, users can perform “what-if” analyses of compensation positioning relative to potential peer groupings while also dynamically evaluating the impact of dropping one or more peers from a company’s cohort.

Throughout the year, Peer Architect provides regular updates on the positioning of a company relative to its peers and users can create board-ready reports with robust data and invaluable analysis.

Peer Architect is the first in a series of forthcoming products that will significantly help companies manage their annual compensation lifecycle and streamline everyday workflow and decision-making,” said Roy Saliba, Global Head of Compensation Products at Institutional Shareholder Services Inc., parent company of ICS.

Peer Architect, which will initially be made available to U.S.-based subscribers, seamlessly integrates into other ICS solutions to support compensation decisions, pay-for-performance analyses, and incentive award design. While peer group construction is driven by data and analytics, companies can also leverage the powerful combination of Peer Architect and ICS’ advisory services for a turnkey solution to manage the corporate peer group construction process.

Peer Architect, tested over recent weeks with positive reviews from dozens of corporate users, will be included in ICS client packages for those subscribing to ExecComp Platinum, ExecComp Design, ExecComp Suite, and ExecComp Analytics Plus effective Monday, August 21.

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