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Institutional investors have increasingly asked for a way to screen sustainable and responsible investments. In response, ISS launched a new Environmental & Social QualityScore, which uses environmental and social factors to help them understand risk in their portfolios.

For companies within the coverage universe, our Environmental & Social QualityScore modeling tools, along with support from an expert advisor, can help you understand how investors perceive your ESG program and identify practices that make you stand out among companies that you compete with for capital. Companies can evaluate a full range of sustainability disclosure options, anticipate how changes in disclosures could impact the way institutional investors perceive your risk, and stay ahead of emerging shifts in environmental and social norms.

Major Themes Covered

  • Carbon & Climate
  • Management of Environmental Risks
  • Natural Resources
  • Waste & Toxicity
  • Human Rights
  • Labor, Health & Safety
  • Product Safety, Quality and Brand
  • Stakeholders and Society

The most comprehensive and trusted E&S metrics.


1,600 institutional investors leverage ISS data


QualityScore will be available on major third-party platforms


Informed by SASB, GRI, TCFD

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