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For many investors, corporate governance is a powerful measure and screen for portfolio risk.  ISS Governance QualityScore is a dynamic, relative governance profile scoring solution used by leading institutional investors to help them understand governance risk in their portfolios.

For companies within the coverage universe, our QualityScore modeling tools, along with support from an expert advisor, can help you understand how investors perceive your governance program and identify governance practices that make you stand out among companies that you compete with for capital.  Users can evaluate a full range of governance options, anticipate how changes in practices could impact the way institutional investors perceive your governance risk, and stay ahead of emerging shifts in governance norms.

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ISS QualityScore is used by many leading institutional investors to measure governance risk in their portfolios. Six of the top 10 U.S. pension funds currently use QualityScore. QualityScore ratings are also available more broadly on Yahoo! Finance, NASDAQ Online, and Bloomberg.

QualityScore is a scoring and screening tool that provides a rating for each company in its coverage universe that measures the company’s level of corporate governance performance, both overall and based on four broad pillars: board structure, shareholder rights, compensation/remuneration, and audit & risk oversight.

QualityScore Premium Tools are a part of Governance Premium.

Governance Premium provides corporate issuers with integrated access to ICS’ core governance tools, offering a single, online platform to support your corporate governance needs. For anyone responsible for communicating corporate data, analysis, peer benchmarking, and proxy voting analytics to corporate executives, board members, and shareholders, ICS’ Governance Premium gives you access to the most extensive repository of governance data, analytics, and commentary available.

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