ISS Corporate Solutions Partners with OneTrust Vendorpedia to Provide ISS Cyber Risk Scores

ROCKVILLE, Md. (August 3, 2021) – ISS Corporate Solutions, Inc. (ICS), a leading provider of compensation, governance, sustainability, and cyber security tools and advisory services to help companies improve shareholder value and reduce risk, today announced it is partnering with OneTrust Vendorpedia™ to make ISS Cyber Risk Scores available on OneTrust’s Third Party Risk Exchange.

The ISS Cyber Risk Score provides an empirical, proactive indicator of cyber security risk that allows organizations to better understand their own cyber resilience as well as the security posture of their vendors. Advanced, machine learning-based analytics distill raw cyber intelligence into a concise actionable metric for internal and vendor management.

The partnership will help companies gain holistic insight into their cyber risk posture and associated supply chain risk. Additionally, the partnership will provide data that adds actionable visibility to the ongoing monitoring of cyber risk scores, enabling teams to flag and take remediation efforts through the due diligence and management process with their vendors.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with OneTrust in furtherance of our mission to help companies identify and mitigate cyber security risks for the benefit of stakeholders and to avoid cyber risk compliance failures,” said Kimberly Manibusan, Head of Cyber Strategy at ICS. “CISOs and Vendor Managers will benefit from the visibility, risk posture, and holistic operation information across their networks that our cyber scores provide.”

ISS Cyber Risk Scores and related data can be accessed through the OneTrust Vendorpedia Third-Party Risk Exchange, which consists of thousands of pre-completed vendor risk assessments and aggregated research on more than 70,000 vendors spanning nearly every country and all industries, from small businesses to global multinationals. Organizations using the Third-Party Risk Exchange will now get added value through the ability to  view their vendors’ ISS Cyber Risk Scores “out-of-the- box,” which provides insight into vendor risk and allows for ongoing vendor monitoring throughout the third-party relationship lifecycle. There is no charge to access ISS Cyber Risk Scores through the platform.

ISS Corporate Solutions offers companies free, custom ISS Cyber Risk Reports for a view of an organization’s cyber security posture by evaluating vendor risk based on individualized vendor relationships. Request your free report and schedule a demonstration here and download the ISS Cyber Risk Score Brochure here.

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