Data Snapshot: Board and Workforce Racial Diversity


During Black History Month in February each year, the United States and Canada acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions of the African diaspora. This observance also serves as an opportunity to reflect on additional work to be done to achieve further inclusion and social equity.

This data snapshot report reviews developments in disclosure among U.S. corporations that signal levels of racial and ethnic diversity and inclusivity at boards, executive teams, and the general workforce. The review of relevant trends also includes a special section on supply chain diversity.


  • Racial diversity on U.S. corporate boards has increased but remains relatively limited.
  • Black directors saw significant growth in board representation.
  • Disclosure levels of racial diversity in executive leadership and the workforce remain low.
  • Racial diversity in top executive roles has seen relatively slow growth.
  • Stakeholder interest on racial diversity is increasing.
  • Supplier diversity gains tractions, with potential benefits for buyers and suppliers.

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