Changing Expectations Around Diversity, Human Capital, and Risk Oversight

By popular demand, ISS Corporate Solutions and CCRCorp teamed up again this year for a new partnership webinar exploring the current state of listed boards in the U.S. against the changing expectations of institutional investors and societal stakeholders. In addition to “traditional” corporate governance lenses of independence, tenure, and a recent focus on gender diversity, stakeholders are considering additional criteria around who is on a public company’s board. The past two proxy seasons have added ethnic and racial diversity, a heightened scrutiny of company- and industry-relevant skills and experiences, and an emerging interest in relevant risk oversight.

This session features expert voices from the field:

  • Alicia Syrett, Chair of the Board of Directors, Digimarc
  • Rusty O’Kelley, Managing Director, Russell Reynolds Associates
  • Lawrence Heim, Editor,, CCRCorp
  • Ben Magarik, Vice President, Partnership Strategy, ISS Corporate Solutions

And covers key topics including:

  • Then & Now: Emerging shareholder expectations of the board of directors
  • Data and Trends: Gender, racial and ethnic diversity, age, and board commitments
  • A Look Ahead: New desired skills and experience; best practices for disclosure

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