Governance Solutions

Pinpoint Risks & Develop Roadmaps

A first step in developing a governance roadmap is understanding a company’s current risks and vulnerabilities.  Next, potential changes need to be assessed and prioritized.

ICS advisors along with our online platform will help companies identify governance risks and develop a near- and mid-term roadmap to improve shareholder value and uncover opportunities to maximize a company’s appeal to investors.


  • 400,000 data points on governance practices
  • 500,000 ISS research proxy analysis & vote recommendation reports
  • 26,000 companies covered by ISS Research
  • Details on 150,000 directors


  • Proxy proposal reviews related to governance issues
  • Pre-shareholder engagement support
  • Governance roadmap building
  • Board education and benchmarking
  • Pre-IPO advisory services

Knowledge Center

  • White papers and webinars on trending topics
  • Premium content libraries
  • Access to all historical ICS newsletters and articles
  • Custom-tailored alerts on proxy research, ISS recommendation conflicts, and specific agenda items

Get the Governance Advantage


Governance policies & practices against companies with whom they compete for capital


Outlying practices that may turn away new investors or lead to capital flight


The suitability of changing governance policies and practices


Developments and trends in governance standards and investor expectations


Changes according to scope of impact and ability to implement


The range of options available for each governance issue


Policies that consider what is best for the company and, by extension, its shareholders


And learn from examples of similar policies from other companies

This solution is part of Governance Premium.

Governance Premium provides corporate issuers with integrated access to ICS core governance tools, resulting in a single online platform to support your corporate governance needs. For anyone responsible for communicating corporate data, analysis, peer benchmarking and proxy voting analytics to corporate executives, board members, and shareholders, Governance Premium gives you access to the most extensive collection of data and governance information available.

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