Advisory Firm Solutions

Solutions designed specifically for professional services firms advising on corporate governance, executive compensation, and sustainability matters.

Products Available When Referring Issuer Subscriptions

  • Pay-for-Performance Modeling
  • Executive Pay Benchmarking Data
  • Director Pay Data
  • Form 4 Module
  • Customized Reports
  • And More…
  • Everything Under ECA
  • Equity Plan Modeling
  • Everything Under ECA+
  • Dedicated MSOP Advisory Support Including:
    Say-on-pay issues explanations and vote driver analysis
    Customized say-on-pay report highlighting areas of concern, suggested fixes, and disclosure enhancements

Subscriptions Sold Directly to Professional Services Firms

  • Governance Exchange Knowledge Repository
  • Voting Analytics & Shareholder Proposal Database
  • ISS Proxy Research Reports
  • Alert Center
  • And Much More…
  • Special Situations Research (M&A and Activism)
  • Custom Data Feed Integration

Products Available When Referring Issuer Subscriptions

ExecComp Analytics

ExecComp Analytics

ExecComp Analytics (ECA) offers unmatched data, analytics, and access to a variety of online benchmarking tools. Consulting and advisory firms leverage ECA to benchmark and plan using the same dataset used by many of their clients’ leading investors.

ECA provides the most accurate analysis and simulations available so you can take the uncertainty out of compensation planning using:

  • Executive pay benchmarking
  • Director compensation
  • Form 4 data
  • Alternate pay definitions including ISS TDC and realizable pay

Leverage ICS’ Pay-for-Performance Modeler using ISS projected peers with basic platform support and training all year long. ECA subscriptions also include ICS Advisory’s highly sought-after ExecComp reports detailing the latest data and industry trends each quarter.

ECA offers unparalleled breadth of data, including proprietary data points used in ISS analysis.

ExecComp Analytics Plus

ExecComp Analytics Plus

A toolkit designed especially for consultants, attorneys, and other outside advisors who want to provide a comprehensive pay governance solution to their clients.

ExecComp Analytics Plus (ECA+) includes critical data and modeling tools from ICS, including the:

  • ExecComp Analytics executive pay benchmarking database
  • New and improved Pay-for-Performance Modeler
  • Form 4 database, for monitoring executive stock ownership
  • Compass, the only online tool available in the market to design and monitor a company’s equity plans using the ISS Equity Plan Scorecard methodology

ECA+ is offered with year-round access and is licensed on a per-company basis with shared access so outside advisors can utilize the tools on their client’s behalf.  If your firm has in place a referral agreement with ICS and you request a subscription for any of your clients, we can invoice either your firm or the client, depending on your preference.

Use ECA Plus to build peer groups, analyze compensation trends, and conduct pay-for-performance modeling for your clients.

ExecComp Suite

ExecComp Suite

As a consultant, if your client has access to ECS, you can share access to all the online components of this suite.

  • Analyze CEO and Top 5 NEO compensation data

  • Benchmark your client's pay and performance alignment

  • Utilize alerts to receive notifications on new compensation data available

  • Streamline your workflow by accessing key data points and tools on a single platform

Subscriptions Sold Directly to Professional Services Firms

Governance Suite

Governance Exchange Knowledge Repository

Governance Exchange Knowledge Repository

Extensive knowledge repository and database of publications, research articles, online reports, and ISS’ Global Proxy Voting Manuals. Content is searchable by subject matter and keyword to expedite the professional services firm search process.

Stay in the know with Governance Insights, our weekly flagship editorial featuring news and analysis of corporate governance developments, including insights and reporting found in no other media.

Voting Analytics & Shareholder Proposal Database

Voting Analytics & Shareholder Proposal Database

ISS sets the standard in data collection with the number data points available for custom feeds via API, web service, and other dissemination methods. Contact us for a brief discussion and to browse our extensive data dictionary.

Voting Analytics is the largest proxy voting database worldwide with over 100 million data records.  A user license includes real-time access to company voting results within hours or days of disclosure based upon the global market. Advisors can benchmark proposal success rates, assess voting trends, and obtain strategic insight on institutional investors or proposal outcomes.

Company Meeting Results

  • 40,000 global meeting results per year with US archives dating to 2003

Proposal Search

  • More than 82 million individual proposal results globally

Investor Voting Behavior

  • N-PX Vote Records for 500+ institutions and 18,000+ funds

Advanced search capabilities across company, proposal, and institutions

Shareholder Proposal & Proponent Data

  • Updated daily for most accurate searches of shareholder proposals by company, type, result, and if applicable includes SEC no action summary
Compensation Profiles

Compensation Profiles & Custom Executive Compensation Data Feed

Configurable based on subscriber demand — a bespoke data feed of specific compensation data points that can be delivered on a one-time basis or recurring frequency via Excel spreadsheet.

ISS Proxy Research Reports

ISS Proxy Research Reports

Gain insight into ISS’ rigorously formulated voting policy, reflecting institutional investors’ perspectives. Proxy research reports offer unparalleled expertise in mergers & acquisitions (M&A), pay-for-performance and overall corporate governance analysis.  Obtain objective proxy research for specific companies or proposals types and review agendas for pending and historical shareholder meetings for companies or their peers.

Alert Center

Alert Center

ICS’ Alert Center is a valuable tool used by clients to stay up-to-date by the minute:

  • Be the first to know when ISS vote recommendations are published and available to download on the Governance Analytics platform
  • Alerts are custom-tailored by each user and available for ISS proxy research reports, Governance Exchange publications, white papers, and other announcements
  • Effortless setup in three easy steps:
    • Create a Portfolio
    • Select Alert Type
    • Receive Your Alert

Governance Suite Premium Add-Ons

Special Situations Research

Special Situations Research

ISS Special Situations Research provides coverage of mergers & acquisitions as well as economic proposals that investors may encounter, including proxy contests, and the investment implications of emerging trends in corporate governance such as bylaws restricting governance rights or investor recourse.

Multi-Dimensional & Insightful Analysis

  • Value-focused dimension and analytical insight to key votes with economic consequences
  • In-depth analysis of strategic issues, including their interplay with governance provisions and competitive positioning
  • Leverage ISS’ unique vantage at the nexus of issuers, advisors, and shareholders to add depth to analysis of all economic proposals and contentious situations

Comprehensive Research, Delivered in Three Parts


  • Brief reports that frame the key issues and explore developments, including broader corporate governance trends
  • On transactions, reports can extend from when the deal is announced through the shareholder meeting, to keep you informed as the transaction evolves


  • Complete analysis of the transaction, with an ISS vote recommendation, issued approximately two weeks in advance of the shareholder meeting


  • Quick-read monthly summary alerting you to developing transactions and contentious situations
  • Delivers a broad view of the landscape and allows you to track risk and opportunity within the portfolio
Sample Special Situations Research Reports
Custom Research & Data Opportunities

Custom Research & Data Opportunities

ISS sets the standard in data collection, with thousands of data fields available for custom feeds via API, web service, and other dissemination methods. Contact us for a brief discussion and to browse our extensive data dictionary.

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