Green Bond Services

Obtain an independent assessment of the environmental and social quality of your green bonds

Green Bonds and Second Party Opinions

ISS ESG’s Second Party Opinions (SPOs) provide green bond issuers with a credible and independent assessment of the environmental and social quality of their bonds. Those that meet ISS ESG’s rigorous global standards give sustainability-oriented investors security that the projects they fund aren’t “greenwashed.”

How ISS Corporate Solutions Can Help1


Of the alignment with green bond principles


Of the use of proceeds


Development of ISS ESG Green Bond KPIs

Sustainability Performance

Ensures minimum level of sustainability performance to allow issuance of green bond


Long-Standing Expertise

  • 25 Years of Excellence in ESG Research
  • Highly Experienced Analysts
  • More than 180 clients worldwide
  • Customized Service

High Quality Research

  • Focus on Materiality
  • 600+ Detailed Industry Specific Criteria
  • Transparent Rating Process
  • Scientific Advisory Board

Extensive Rating Universe

  • Universe of 7,000 Corporate and Sovereign Issuers Worldwide
  • Coverage of Global and National Equity and Bond Indices

1While SPOs are sold and distributed by ISS Corporate Solutions, the analytical work to prepare and issue SPOs is performed by a dedicated ISS-ESG team and is based on the ISS-oekom methodology.

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