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Design, monitor, and communicate executive pay programs that effectively link pay to performance.

Today’s executive compensation landscape is more complex than ever. Companies are facing heightened competition for executive talent, pressures from their shareholders, and increased media scrutiny. ICS’ leading executive compensation solutions provide you with the resources you need to take your compensation program to the next level.

Streamline your annual executive compensation lifecycle, from strategy setting to implementation and shareholder feedback.

Pay-for-Performance Modeling

With ICS’ pay-for-performance tool, determine the level of concern that will be triggered based on company performance. Through the Pay-for-Performance Modeler, clients can:

  • Compare multiple (Total Shareholder Returns) TSR levels that represent a baseline case, a best case, and a worst case outcome, and test for TSR levels that would result in Medium or High concern levels
  • Build custom CEO pay analyses that can aid in the preparation of compensation plans, identifying potential areas of investor concern
  • Complete scenario modeling using ISS’ most recent projected peers, company disclosed proxy peers, or a custom peer group
  • Benefit from the experience of ICS advisors to help them uncover contributing factors and suggest adjustments to plan structure

ICS advisors help clients interpret and communicate pay-for-performance results, run multiple scenarios using different pay assumptions, project ISS-defined peers using company-selected peer groups, customise time periods and performance results to analyse impact, and much more.

Overall Concern


WEBINAR | Pay-for-Performance Overview

Leverage an analytical approach to uncovering possible pay and performance misalignment

Performance Award Design

More than one-half[1] of CEO pay is now performance based, and it is becoming increasingly complex. Is your company using metrics that are truly aligned with growing your shareholder value? Are these metrics realistic and achievable for executives?

Average number of long-term performance metrics used by companies
Average number of short-term performance metrics used by companies
0 %
Percentage of companies that change at least one performance metric each year

Stay on the cutting-edge with ICS’ Award Simulator and expert advisory support.  Backed by our extensive compensation data, ICS provides in-depth analysis, peer comparison, and scenario modeling and testing of compensation programs.

Working with your Executive Compensation Advisor

Use metrics that demonstrate growth, return value to shareholders, and award executives

Does your company set goals that are too easy or too difficult? This stage looks at each metric to determine a balanced program that aligns company growth and appropriately motivates executives.

See the probability of goal achievement and payout with Award Simulator

Are the goals achievable and do they motivate executives to grow the company?

Through our premier solutions, ExecComp Premium and ExecComp Design, clients can leverage our full offering of advisor-led performance award design services including scenario testing, goal setting, and metric selection.

ICS data and analysis will be used to compare incentive award programs to those of a company-defined peer group across a number of dimensions. We help clients design an effective executive compensation program, assuring that executives are incentivized to meet realistic and challenging company growth goals.   Our seasoned advisors are available to guide clients through each step of the process with ongoing testing of performance award design and advice on presentation of rationale for award design decisions.

[1] Based on 2014 fiscal year filings for the ISS Incentive Lab universe of approximately 1,200 companies

Executive Pay Benchmarking

Assess alignment of pay incentives and company strategy using ICS’ comprehensive compensation data and expert advisors. ICS’ industry-specific advisory team delivers a wealth of knowledge to clients throughout the year. Clients are assigned a dedicated advisor with deep knowledge in their industry and can provide guidance and support as needed.

Uncover best practices
Make informed compensation decisions
Develop an actionable plan for responding to investor concerns

Working with their advisor, clients use ICS’ best-in-class data and tools understand executive pay trends and perform custom benchmarking exercises on top NEOs as well as:

  • Evaluate pay mix including performance vs. time-based and cash vs. equity
  • Compare against self-selected peer group, ISS’ most recent peer group, a custom peer group, or relevant index or industry
  • Analyze say-on-pay proposal trends, common shareholder concern triggers, ISS ‘Against vote’ recommendations, ISS QuickScore compensation scores, and more
  • Create board-ready reports that provide easy-to-interpret graphs, charts, and key takeaways

View executive compensation by pay rank, role, or executive name

CEO Compensation Coverage

  • 600+ Euro Stoxx companies from 2015
  • 500+ UK companies from 2012
  • 700+ AU companies from 2011
  • 4,000+ US companies from 2006
  • 500+ CA Companies from 2008

Make sense of the data.
Our advisory services can help put it all into context.

ICS provides you with year-round value with an array of executive compensation and corporate governance solutions. Whether it’s gathering data for your meetings or assisting with complex strategic decisions, ICS’ advisory team gives you the edge you need to reduce governance risk and effectively manage your executive compensation lifecycle.

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