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Pay-for-Performance Modeling

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With ICS’ pay-for-performance tool, determine the level of concern that will be triggered based on company performance. Through the Pay-for-Performance Modeler, clients can:

  • Compare multiple (Total Shareholder Returns) TSR levels that represent a baseline case, a best case, and a worst case outcome, and test for TSR levels that would result in Medium or High concern levels
  • Build custom CEO pay analyses that can aid in the preparation of compensation plans, identifying potential areas of investor concern
  • Complete scenario modeling using ISS’ most recent projected peers, company disclosed proxy peers, or a custom peer group
  • Benefit from the experience of ICS advisors to help them uncover contributing factors and suggest adjustments to plan structure

ICS advisors help clients interpret and communicate pay-for-performance results, run multiple scenarios using different pay assumptions, project ISS-defined peers using company-selected peer groups, customise time periods and performance results to analyse impact, and much more.

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