Manage your governance program year-round by drawing on our deep expertise and market-leading governance data.

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Industry Leading Data. Robust Analytics. Investor Perspectives.

ICS’ Governance Suite is the most comprehensive solution available, with an extensive collection of data, analytical tools, and a dedicated advisor to help you optimize your corporate governance strategy, anticipate shareholder concerns, and craft cogent meeting agendas and proxy disclosures.

ICS QualityScore Premium Tools

Companies can use QualityScore to identify areas that investors may see as presenting governance-related risk and to inform their governance and compensation decisions.

The QualityScore offering for issuers provides premium tools to help companies stay abreast of emerging standards, peer practices, and shareholder priorities. Premium users can benchmark their practices against peers and model the impact of potential changes in their governance structure, thus gaining actionable insight on how to improve their governance practices and QualityScore rating.

WEBINAR | QualityScore Overview

Benchmark governance risk and uncover opportunities to maximize your appeal to investors.

Companies can use ICS’ premium QualityScore tools to:

  • Understand how investors perceive their governance program
  • Identify governance practices that stand out amongst peers, based on industry, country, region, and other specific factors
  • Determine how potential changes in their practices may impact an investor’s perception of their governance risk
  • Stay ahead of emerging shifts in governance norms among their peers
  • Showcase how their key governance strengths and risks have changed over time

QualityScore TechDoc

This document details the questions analyzed and rationale for inclusion in the factor methodology.

Data Verification

Review, verify, and provide feedback on the data used to determine the ISS Governance QualityScore.

Voting Analytics

Balancing business demands and shareholder preferences can be complicated and the amount of data required to make good decisions is tremendous. Voting Analytics is the most comprehensive source of U.S. mutual fund vote disclosures and top non-U.S. pension funds and large asset managers. Its robust database contains almost 60 million institutional voting records and is based on nearly a decade of vote results on more than 50 discrete governance topics, including executive compensation, board practices, corporate actions, director elections, and shareholder proposals and proponents.

Voting Analytics helps issuers determine voting patterns and trends by monitoring and analysing institutional voting policies and historical shareholder meeting results.

Use Voting Analytics to easily:

  • Design stronger ballot resolutions by identifying similar proposals, analyzing their features, and understanding the resulting shareholder support
  • Target investors for shareholder engagement by understanding past voting patterns
  • Benchmark proposal frequency and success rates before you issue your proxy, using sophisticated peer analysis tools
  • Prioritize shareholder proposals in order of importance by seeing which have historically garnered the most support
  • Gain strategic insight on institutional investors or proposal outcomes by assessing voting patterns and trends
  • Monitor shareholder activism: track vote results for contested director elections and proxy fights


Extensive Coverage for Vote Outcomes and Results of International Companies

Data from 2013 onward

ISS Recommendations for All Resolutions at Covered Companies

Data from 2004 onward

Vote Records from All Major Fund Families

370+ institutions and 14,000+ funds

Whether preparing for investor calls or benchmarking proxy proposals, with voting records from all of the major fund families as well as historical ISS vote recommendations, you can quickly understand the range of practices available and market sentiment toward each option.

  • More than 82 million individual proposal results globally
  • Advanced search capabilities by company, proposal and institutions
  • Detailed shareholder proposal records & historical ISS vote recommendations
  • Integrated with historical ISS Research to readily examine details of each proposal

ISS Proxy Research Reports

Stay up-to-date on the latest proxy voting issues and benefit from ISS’ corporate governance and proxy voting expertise with access to ISS historical proxy voting reports, research, and publications.

Track ISS vote recommendations and analysis through access to our
global meeting calendar and ISS proxy research

  • Obtain proxy research for specific companies or proposal types
  • Review agendas for pending and historical shareholder meetings
  • Leverage research developed by experienced specialists in governance, compensation, M&A, ESG, and industry-specific issues
  • Be alerted of the latest proxy research reports released for your company and your peers
  • Approximately 38,000 companies covered in 115 countries
  • Set alerts to receive notification of new research available on peer companies

Access critical information to create
and maintain a strong corporate governance program

  • Compare and contrast ISS benchmark proxy voting policies for U.S. and non-U.S. markets
  • Access in-depth, global coverage of today’s issues, including current trends in corporate governance, risk management, and regulatory developments
  • Stay on top of important developments with customized alerts

Governance Library

A comprehensive knowledge-base for all of your corporate governance needs.  Clients leverage the Governance Library to access:

  • Whitepapers on emerging trends and practices
  • Board-ready presentations on important topics
  • Pre-recorded webinars and accompanying reports
  • Articles from governance thought-leaders
governance library

Governance Library

An analytical overlay to ICS’ suite of data solutions, allowing you to stay informed about governance issues, trends, and best practices.

  • Broaden your understanding of stakeholder perspectives to reach constructive solutions on key issues
  • Compare your governance policies and practices with those of your peers
  • Access panel-driven webcasts and ISS white papers exclusively designed to address topics impacting today’s public companies
  • Reference ISS voting policies by proposal, topic, or keyword search
Governance Solutions EMEA

Everything you need from
the global leader in corporate governance.

Through year-round advisory support and integrated access to the industry’s most robust collection of governance data and analytics, ICS helps you design, manage, and measure your corporate governance program to improve shareholder value and uncover opportunities to maximize your company’s appeal to investors.

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