Technology as an Enabler to Foster Better Shareholder Engagement

In today’s globally connected world, where Institutional Investors are becoming increasingly sophisticated, investor relations programs within some of the best governed companies are evolving too. Increasingly, we are seeing a prudent use of technology as an enabler in fostering better engagement with shareholders in the following ways:

  • Offering avirtual shareholder meeting through which you can view the meeting, submit questions and vote online
  • Live webcast of the annual shareholders meeting from the company Relationswebsite.
  • A transcript with video and audio of the entire annual shareholders meeting will be available on the Investor Relations website after the meeting.

Such an approach allows those who cannot attend the meeting in person to hear company executives discuss the year’s results and plans for the future. The goal of the company ought to be to maintain the Investor Relations website as a portal through which investors can easily find or navigate to pertinent information about the company.

While companies are keen to focus on improvements through the Investors Relations website, most companies still publish their annual meeting materials in a flat PDF file. Feedback from institutional investors indicated that this is a key area of improvement and want the information in an interactive format that fits into their workflow. With that in mind, earlier this year, Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (ISS), announced the acquisition of iiWisdom’s business of providing interactive governance solutions which provide a new visual format for presenting annual proxy statements and build connectivity between public companies and their institutional investors.

Investors want to read your proxy online, yet it was built for print. iiWisdom helps companies tell their governance stories using the most sophisticated technologies available today by providing a digital solution designed by institutional investors to match their workflow. iiWisdom hosts your proxy site on our investor portal and provide an interactive proxy link for your investor relations web page to:


iiWisdom transforms your proxy and governance data into a sophisticated, interactive, corporate communications solution. Your company’s story will come to life through our streamlined data and visualization services


iiWisdom helps ensure your story gets heard. We provide a platform for institutional investors, to allow efficient, one-click access to governance information for participating companies. Through our portal, investors can access and analyze governance information during proxy season, engagement season and year round


iiWisdom gives you the tools to track aggregated investor activity related to your online proxy. You’ll know which elements of your proxy were viewed, and for how long, as well as search queries. Our reports will help you to anticipate investor concerns, and frame discussions during engagement conversations

To see how Microsoft used iiWisdom to design an interactive proxy statement, please click here

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