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Disclosure of sustainability practices has become an expectation for institutional investors. What used to be a “nice to have” is now a “must have”, as $23 trillion in assets are professionally managed under responsible investment strategies.

$22.9 trillion

in assets are professionally managed under responsible investment strategies.

(2016 Global Sustainable Investment Review, GSIA)


year over year growth in sustainable assets in the U.S. 2012 to 2016.

(Global Sustainable Investment Alliance)


the average European pension fund investor’s portfolio is allocated based on ESG principles.

(2017 Schroder’s Global Investment Study)

Where does your company stack up?

ICS helps you benchmark your responsible investment risk and uncover opportunities to maximize your appeal to investors.

  • Transparent methodology.
  • Quantitative and qualitative data informed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).
  • An annual methodology review ensures data continuously stays in step with disclosure standards.
  • Data verification online and accessible to issuers year-round.
ICS E&S QualityScore Tools

ICS E&S QualityScore Tools

Companies can use E&S QualityScore to understand how investors perceive their sustainability program, prioritize disclosure changes based on what matters to investors, and stay ahead of shifts in sustainability norms.

  • Analyze and benchmark environmental and social disclosures against peers
  • Model how changes to environmental and social disclosures would affect relative peer performance, and how those changes could impact your E&S QualityScore
  • Identify companies that embrace particular ESG practices, allowing searches by industry, region, practice, and other characteristics
  • Generate summary snapshot reports to share with directors, executives, and team members
  • Determine how potential changes in your disclosure practices may impact an investor’s perception of your risk
  • Stay ahead of emerging shifts in Environmental & Social norms among your peers

E&S QualityScore Key Issues TechDoc

This document provides an overview of the methodology and summary of key issues.

Data Verification

Review, verify, and provide feedback on the data used to determine the ISS Governance QualityScore.

Online Library of
Investor ESG Policies

Online Library of Investor ESG Policies

Use the only aggregated library of institutional investor ESG policies to better understand how firms use environmental and social disclosures to make voting decisions. Save time by using a tool that pulls policies into one place so you don’t have to research them one-by-one.

  • 50 largest investment firms included
  • Searchable by firm, keywords, and topic
  • Link directly to firm policies from the ICS website
ESG Proposal Briefs

ESG Proposal Briefs

Since 2012, the number of climate change proposals has increased from 1 to 24 and the average support for those proposals has increased by 13 percentage points.

The ICS catalogue of 2017 environmental and social proposals allows companies to review short proposal briefs and familiarize themselves with the most popular shareholder proposals.

See an overview of:

  • The proposal itself
  • Shareholder responses/rationale
  • Management responses
  • Highlights from company disclosures
  • Shareholder voting history on each proposal
ESG Solutions
Norm-Based Research Reports

Norm-Based Research Reports

Based on global norms as set out in international initiatives and guidelines, Norm-Based Research highlights the most critical environmental and social risks for a given company.

  • Overall assessment results and signals, categorized by degree of verification, severity of impact, and company responsiveness
  • Proven Methodology, Continuous Innovation
  • Broad coverage – 20,000 equity and debt issuers
  • Assesses actual performance in situations where companies face specific risks and challenges
  • Provides qualitative insights into company response to controversies through a dialogue-driven analysis
  • Extensive company and stakeholder dialogue and strict verification ensures objectivity and exhaustiveness
  • Focus on company responsiveness ensures solidity of findings and provides for a forward-looking approach
ESG Solutions
ESG Solutions
Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Stay ahead of investor demands with trusted guidance from ICS experts.
We save you time by evaluating and auditing your sustainability policies and proposals, analyzing your shareholders’ preferences, and relating best practices from other companies.

Advisors are available to:

  • Deliver insight into what institutional investors are looking for
  • Help prioritize opportunities
  • Share examples of best-in-class disclosures
  • Provide proactive sustainability benchmarking
  • Navigate the ISS Environmental & Social data for you, and create custom reports
  • Advisory Services are provided as part of an annual subscription, helping you to reduce your spend with project-based consultants
ISS ESG Corporate Rating

ISS ESG Corporate Rating

Companies subscribing to the Sustainability Suite
get access to the ISS ESG Corporate rating and can:

  • Benchmark their ratings and performance against industry peers to identify strengths and weaknesses in their sustainability management program.
  • Obtain direct access to the detailed ISS ESG Corporate Ratings for 4,000 companies.
  • Register for alerts and subscribe to the Alerts Archive, which contains all the reports which ISS ESG sends out monthly.
  • Access downloadable PDF reports for 4,000 companies evaluated by ISS ESG.

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Benchmark environmental & social risk and uncover opportunities to maximize your appeal to investors.

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